Track and Trace Brokered Loads

You’re calling the driver, phone is going to voicemail. You call the dispatcher, no one is answering. Your customer is emailing you asking where their load is. You quickly send an email to the carrier asking “WHAT IS THE DRIVER’S CURRENT LOCATION?!” Carrier responds saying driver is an hour away, and you quickly notify your customer. Driver doesn’t arrive for another two hours. You deliver poor customer service.

These situations are way too common in the trucking industry. Why is it that you can order a shoe on Amazon, and know exactly when it is going to arrive but can’t pinpoint when a truck carrying $100k+ of goods will arrive at a receiver?

Providing great customer service in the form of visibility on their shipments shouldn’t be difficult and expensive. At Loadtap, we provide a simple, robust and very cost effective solution to track all of your shipments.

More and more shippers are becoming aware of track and trace solutions to track brokered loads. Many brokers are adding load tracking as highly appealing value proposition when selling their service to shippers.

Many logistics providers are hiring large check call teams to increase the transparency of their shipments while delivering that transparency to their customers. Hiring check call teams is just the first step; check call teams need to get reliable and accurate data to have value. 

With a real-time freight tracking solution like Loadtap, you can makes sure your company is getting the most up-to-date real-time information on all of your shipments. Share tracking with your customers to provide them another level of customer service by letting them view their shipments on a map. 

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