Load Tracking for Freight Brokers Offered by Loadtap

Loadtap announces app-less cellphone tracking for freight brokers to track their brokered loads and 3rd-party drivers to help eliminate check calls and followups. Loadtap can now track all types of mobile phones, including flip-phones and smartphones, without an app or GPS device.

Freight brokers can view all of their brokered shipments and loads on a single map, get breadcrumb history of individual loads, set up email alerts to be sent when a driver is at a shipper or receiver, receive ETA, share tracking with their customers, and take notes on each shipment to sync entire team on status.

The tracking service is simple to use: a broker inputs the truck driver’s cell phone number into Loadtap, driver receives a text message requesting permission to track, after driver grants permission by replying “yes”, tracking is started. Load tracking updates are provided every hour for the duration of the load.Load Tracking Software Key Features and Benefits:

  • Load tracking updates every hour; eliminates check calls
  • On-demand location ping to get location at any time
  • Alerts when drivers arrive at shippers/receivers
  • ETA calculations to determine if driver will be on-time or delayed
  • Share tracking with customers and become more competitive
  • Take notes on each shipment to sync entire team on key statuses
  • Works on any cell phone, including smartphones and flip phones
  • App-less tracking doesn’t require driver to install an app or device
  • No long term contracts or commitments required; pay per load pricing

Loadtap’s on-demand load tracking is unique from the array of shipment monitoring technologies in the market since it is friction-less for the truck drivers to use because it doesn’t require them to install an application or purchase a device.

Request a demo today and get started for free. Contact us at paramvir@loadtap.com 1.408.583.7285


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