Free trucking software and fleet tracking

Loadtap is now offering free trucking software and fleet tracking for trucking companies with 20 or less trucks while in beta!

Sign-up today and begin using Loadtap to make your trucking business less hectic!

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Organize Your Trucking Business

Manage all of your shipments in one place. Create loads and enter important details such as pickup/delivery addresses, pick up numbers, customer, rates, weight, etc. Sort or search to find any current or previous shipments by simply typing a keyword in the search.

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Send Load Information to Drivers with One-Click

When loads are created, simply select the driver to dispatch, and the load details  are instantly sent to the driver’s iPhone or Android mobile app. Driver will only see important details such as pickup and delivery addresses, pick up numbers, weight, trailer type and special instructions. If you have owner operators, you can specify the rate of the load.

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Location Tracking

See where all of your drivers are on an intuitive track map; get location updates every 5 minutes. Loadtap’s free fleet tracking lets dispatchers easily identify which drivers have loads and are on-time, empty, off-duty, or incurring detention all on a single color coded map. Drivers can switch to off-duty anytime to stop the tracking during their off hours. The mobile app has very low battery usage and uses minimal data.

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Automatic Driver In/Out times

You never have to call your driver’s again to find out if they are checked in, loaded or unloaded. Drivers can provide check in, loaded and unloaded times from their mobile Loadtap app. The dispatcher can see the important times by simply clicking the shipments. The app is designed to be simple so drivers can focus more on their job. Driver’s are able to also view their upcoming and past load assignments.

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Coming soon:


  • Document Management: Upload all your documents to go completely paperless
  • Electronic POD: Get instant electronic PODs from the driver’s app when they complete a shipment
  • Share Tracking: Share driver’s location and load status to your customers
  • Invoicing: One-click invoicing automatically attaches rate confirmations and PODs to the invoice.
  • Driver Pay: Manage and keep track of your driver settlements



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  1. With so many trucks on the road at a time, it is crucial to stay organized. It is important that you are on top of the latest technology that can help you. If you are outdated you could get left behind.

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